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Well, today is Wednesday and I bet you know what makes this day distinct from other days--you don't? It's Ash Wednesday and guess what, di ako nakapagpalagay ng ash sa forehead ko >.<

I didn't forget it, it was just because I was to darn lazy to have one put on my forehead. Haha

Btw, I'm so psyched! By next week I'll be turning 20. ugh. Not that I mind but gosh, my age starts at "2" now. Haha. How vain. I really don't know what to do on my birthday. To have a party or to not have a party. Oh well, at least I made plans with a special person. Ehem.

To this special person, we made plans. For the future. Haha.

We had lots of plans and I want it to come true and it won't come true unless I put some effort to it.

Well that's it for now. See yah! Love lots ~

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