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Oh thank God! Exam week is finally done and guess what, my last exam today is accounting! Darn accounting, I got so stressed-out reviewing 4 Chapters. Just a few more hours and it'll all be over.

To some other stuff, I found this video in youtube and I got really impressed with her voice! She's also pretty (Do I sound like a l****** here? Haha)! Her name's Carmina Topacio. She's a 17y/o girl who loves to sing and play her instruments which is that guitar and keyboard. I really like her voice. Two thumbs up to her!

Another is that, I'm not stuck up to 142 anymore! Yey, ZX! Haha. Thanks to my ever dearest karlaloo. I hope this keeps-up while I'm also maintaining my grades at school.

Regarding the school stuff--I'm having a speech this coming Tuesday. We have to memorize everything unlike the past few days she agreed that we'll just read it aloud. Wew. Hope I get this right. Kudos to me..

Well that's it for now ~

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