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Gosh, my character died 3 times this day. I hate to say this but -- I'm starting to give up! It's like, I've been stuck at level 142 and it haven't moved ever since. I noticed that every time I get to certain percentage (50% to be exact) my character dies out of lots of reasons. Paranoid much? Nope. It's been like this for the last 2 weeks already and I'm losing hope in my character. Will I ever reach cap level? I really want to ascend now and things are just not in my side right now..

Another is that, a friend of mine confronted me yesterday. I cried in-front of him and gosh, I think that was the 2nd time already! It was really embarrassing, he told me about the time I skipped school the other day. He said it was unusual of me to do that. Well I gotta admit that was the first time I did that. Though I didn't miss-out on things at school, I had my speech yesterday and also passed my seatwork the other day. He said he was just concerned about me -- achieving my goals.

Yes, my goal.

To graduate. That's all I wanna achieve in my academics, well, not only me but I guess, you too. :)

He really got to the point that I just break down and cry. He was right and I was wrong.

Well, that's that. Nothing else for me to share for now ~

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