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It's a fur ball!

Have you ever had a problem with your pet's fur ball? Or maybe you're worried that your cat sounds like he/she's choking to death? These things make cat/dog lovers worry for their furry little pets so how can we actually minimize this problem?

As a cat owner, I usually see fur balls in those cranny places at our house. So I decided that cats, like dogs, shed fur almost every day and fellow pet owners have a hard time trying to contain all these fur balls inside their houses that we should at least brush their fur till you can't even see an inch of it sticking out of that comb. Usually when dog owners groom their furry little best-friend they'd take hours of brushing their fur until he/she's good to go for the day. You could even make fur angels after the process and have a little fun yourself but this is much likely applicable to large dogs with huge amount of fur.

That’s one way of actually minimizing fur balls dangling around your house; another is to buy shampoos that are in a way good for your pet’s fur. You have to make sure that it’s trusted and tested, don’t just go for labels or anything cheap. Fur balls are not a bad thing but it can be a bit annoying, am I right? Stepping onto floorboards and poof you stepped on something slimy and icky until you noticed “Oops. It’s a fur ball; I’ll comb her fur till it’s pristine.” 

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