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Christmas Break

  • karl.
  • iTouch.
  • 2gb RAM.
  • 1gb Vcard.

    Of course, never forget that we have to enjoy the whole season with your friends & family. It is a season to be jolly, right? So it's already 1am and I'm still not sleepy, I already changed my layout here and also changed my profile picture in plurk.

    Those aside, there are some really pressing issues I'm worried about. My boyfriend says that he's feeling a bit unwell lately. He says he's gonna have it checked by this week and I pray to God it's nothing serious.

    This time, I wont be spending my Christmas with my boyfriend coz' sadly so he's way too far from me. Hope that in time we will be able to celebrate this season together.

    Well anyways, I think it's time to get some shuteye now. I did promise that I wont stay-up late. *which I totally weaseled-out by now*

    Monday, December 20, 2010 12:53 AM back to top?
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